Decorated Sugar Cookies

Our custom sugar cookies are the house specialty!

We offer mini cookies (2-2.5 inches), regular size cookies (3.5-4 inches), and jumbo ones (4-5 inches), too.

Custom orders have a minimum of 1 dozen cookies (or 2 dozens for mini cookies), which includes one flavor of your choice*, up to 3 designs, and individual heat-sealed packaging. There is also the option to add individual decorative bows for $10/dozen!

Cookies start at $40/ dozen for regular size cookies, or at $25 for mini ones. 

Custom orders that require more complex designs and color schemes may incur additional fees.

Feel free to contact us for any custom quote, we'd love to create the perfect cookies for your next event!

* For small orders of a dozen only, flavors included are vanilla bean and vanilla bean almond. Specialty flavors may be chosen for a $8 extra fee. Orders of two dozens or more are eligible for special flavors at no extra cost.

Our Flavors

Copy of Copy of Sugar Cookie Flavor Menu

We offer over 35 different sugar cookie flavors to satisfy any cravings you or your guests might have!

Small orders of 1 dozen only will include a choice of flavors between vanilla bean and vanilla bean almond. There's the possibility to order a specialty flavor for a  $8 extra fee.

Orders of 2 dozens or more can include a specialty flavor at no additional cost! Specialty flavors have a minimum of 2 dozen order! If you'd like to order more than a specialty flavor, there's a $8 extra fee (1 flavor/1 dozen minimum).

Ask us about our seasonal exclusive flavors for something new off the regular menu!

Cookie Design

Our cookie pricing depends mostly on the design chosen and the level of detail needed. Here are a few examples of our different pricing levels, Please remember these are rough estimates and only a custom quote can give you the final price for your cookies!

Simple Package- $40+

Basic cookie designs may include up to 2 colors (and white), up to 3 simple shapes, and little to no writing. 

Additional shapes/designs can be added for $5/shape.


Intermediate Package  - $48+

Intermediate cookie designs may include up to 4 colors (and white), up to 4 shapes, and writing. It may also include florals, gold details, and other techniques such as airbrushing and wet-on-wet designs. 

Additional shapes/designs can be added for $5/shape.

If custom stencils are needed for airbrushing, an extra fee of $8/custom stencil will be added.


VIP Package and Character Cookies - $60+

Intricate cookie designs may include up to 6 colors (and white), up to 4 shapes, and writing. It may also include florals, gold details, and other techniques such as airbrushing and wet-on-wet designs, and character drawings. 

Additional shapes/designs can be added for $5/shape.


Mini Cookies- $25+

Mini cookies have a minimum order of 2 dozens. Usually, only basic designs can be used on such small cookies. Basic pricing includes up to 2 designs, 2-3 colors (and white), and minimal details or writing. Mini cookies are a perfect addition to your regular dozen order, they can be grouped into mini sets for party favors, and they are also great for an exclusive custom mini dessert added to a sweet bar! 



There are so many creative ways to design your custom order! Here's a list of add-ins we currently offer:

- Extra flavor                                                                     $8/dozen 

- Extra shapes/designs over 4                                      $5/ extra shape

- Extra colors over maximum offered                          $ 2/ extra color

- Custom stencils/logos                                                $ 8/custom design

-Individual decorative bows (favors packaging)        $10/dozen

-Individual decorative bows and tags                         $15/dozen

In addition to regular custom cookies, we also offer great party activities including PYO (Paint-your-own) Cookie boxes, DIY Decorating Kits, and Cookie Decorating Classes! If you'd like to learn more, please contact us directly for a custom quote!

Cancellation/Payment Policy

We request a 50% non-refundable deposit on all custom orders. An order is not confirmed (therefore "in the books") until a deposit is paid. During the initial consultation, we'll talk cookie themes, flavors, and we'll be providing a custom quote. We will draw up and share sketches upon request, AFTER an order is confirmed (hence a deposit is paid). 

Spots fill up pretty quickly, so we recommend booking at least 4-6 weeks in advance.


Remaining balance must be paid up to 1 week prior pick up. 

Orders not paid in full within a week of pick up will be considered void, and no refund will be issued.

Orders that are cancelled up to 2 weeks prior pick up may be eligible for a partial refund (total minus deposit).

If an order is being cancelled by us, you will be refunded fully.